Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Know your stuff

I was at work today and I suddenly I remembered that I need to order some catridges for my home-printer.Its been long overdue and I suferred enough for not having a working printer at home .Inspite of all the suffering ... I keep forgetting to buy some catridges.Am I getting used
to suffering :)
Anyway I decided to order some catridges today druing lunch hour(that is now) and I realised that I do not know the exact model of my printer.Thanks to my memory that I atleast remembered that it was a EPSON make .So now even though I remembered to order some catridges I still cant order coz I do not know the exact model and I do not want to experience the pain of ordering wrong stuff and returning it .
What came out of this exercise is that I wanted all my home inventory information available online all the time .I thought I can make a document containing all the information and store it somewhere on the web .But then it also occured to me that storing the inventory information in a plain document is not very appealing(to me).So as usual the next feeling is that someone out there might have created something to keep track of inventory.A quick google led me to this site.

Let me see whether this is useful...

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