Sunday, February 25, 2007

Enterprise Mashups Made Easy

Forward thinking companies like Google always provide/introduce new APIs for community.If we are little bit creative,we can generate lot of Wows programatically!
But what if you are missing an API to a site you want to interact with from within your mashup or program ?(Even if a site has a public API, it might not do exactly what you want) What if you have a cool idea and you are missing the RSS or Atom feed you want from your favourite site ? What if you want to use parts of a sites user interface and functionality on your own site ?

Yes there is a way to deal with this problem now and keep your creative juices flowing .

Kapow Technologies is nurturing a developer community, openkapow, to accelerate mashup adoption is an open service platform, this means that you can build your own services (called robots) and run them from, all for free. These robots accesses web sites and allows you to use data, functionality and even the user interface of other web sites in a whole new way. No longer are you limited by what public APIs or RSS feeds that are available, instead you can build your own in minutes. You can then use those services from within your own mashups, code, Yahoo! Pipes, Google Gadgets etc.

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