Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Faces of Web 2.0 says the following nine companies will impact the Web 2.0 movement in unique ways.

thinkfree:Provides an online office suite application
widgetbox:A self-service clearinghouse for a variety of different web widgets
hinchcliffe & company:Web 2.0 consultants
kickapps:A hosted platform for social networking and user-generated content
feedburner:The world's largest feed management provider
near-time:A hosted online collaboration environment that mixes wikis, blogs, calendars
spymac:The world's largest Mac enthusiast community
paltalk:A social networking company
37signals:A web-based software company


Anonymous said...

Hey Krishna, thanks for the mention. We are definitely hoping to change the face of the internet by empowering every website to become an open portal with social networking, user-generated content, widgets, and syndication tools.

Jedi said...

Hello Chris ..Good Luck to you and Kickapps.