Saturday, February 17, 2007


Seriously, What the hell is a Mashup ?

Mashup is a new and innovative application/s that is made up of data taken from disparate sources on the web.

Here is an Example :
The U.S. Navy's Critical Infrastructure Protection Center is using Kapow's Mashup Server for a hurricane disaster-response system. The system queries the National Weather Service every 30 minutes for updates on hurricane activity and pulls them into mapping software. It also queries the Federal Communications Commission for data on cell tower locations and lays that on top of the map. Analysts can use the resulting mashup to predict which cell towers are likely to go down and make better emergency communications plans.

Other known mashups :

Craigslist + Google Maps=Interactive maps showing you apartments for rent or sale.
Google Maps + 911 Calls=Visual representation of where crime is happening in real-time.
Google Maps + Address book =Datagrid component with an embedded Google map.

Here are some more . . . .

Hoping to mash up something in coming days :)

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