Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stale Newsletters

Being in Software Development Arena I am subscribed to atleast over a dozen technology related newsletters..something like Rick's Javalobby newsletter(If you have anything to do with Java probably you might know this) .The reason I subscribed to these news letters is to get latest/fresh content from those channels,which is the case with most of the newsletters.But not all newsleters are created equal...If you have subscribed to one of those newsletters from fawcette (ftponline)
then you might have noticed something different !! Half or more than half of newsletter is with advertisements and the annoying part is most of the articles are dated few months back or sometimes few years back.Ofcourse it is not a bad idea to send links to old articles (as long as the technolgy is not outdated) but they should have atleast one article or view which is new.

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