Thursday, February 15, 2007 sucks

Usually I catch up all my news with Google News/Reader.My hunger for more India-related-news drives me to those news paper websites occasionally.The Hindu is one site which I visit and honestly, I feel it is deplorable ...they literally drive me off from their site .I feel like calling them up and telling them their website sucks! I just cant stand the way they have their main page . I agree "looks" does not matter much as long as you have "stuff" to offer but they do matter to some extent .....duh!.
The colors they choose , the way they divided their content , the alignment of their header ,the irritating flashy scrollbars,the fonts( irregular sizes/ types/spacing) ,those links that take you to unrelated pages,and of course those ANNOYING ads.... what more do you want to do to make it worse!!! If you( are listening I just want to mention that these days it is not that expensive to hire a professional web developer who can give a good bang for your buck...come on at least look at other websites and learn something .After all you are India's one of leading newspaper and people expect your website to be of some standard.If you are reading this please leave a comment/suggestion here for to improve their looks.

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