Thursday, March 29, 2007

How did they do that?

I happen to listen to this conversation/interview with Grady Booch on Software Engineering Radio.Interestingly, he is working on Handbook of Software Architecture since 3 years and will be continuing to do so for another 3 years .

The goals of the book in his own words ..

The primary goal of the Handbook of Software Architecture is to fill this void in software engineering by codifying the architecture of a large collection of interesting software-intensive systems, presenting them in a manner that exposes their essential patterns and that permits comparisons across domains and architectural styles.

The second goal of this work is to study these architectural patterns in the context of the engineering forces that shaped them and then to expose a set of proven architectural patterns that may be used to construct new systems or to reason about legacy ones.

The third goal of this work is to feed my insatiable curiosity. Whenever I encounter an interesting or useful software-intensive system, I often ask myself, "how did they do that?" By exposing the inner beauty of these systems through a study of their architectural patterns, I hope to offer inspiration to developers who want to build upon the experience of other well-engineered systems.

As part of that interview When Grady Booch was asked, " What are the key abilities that a software developer must have these days ?".He says ......
  1. Ability to abstract complexity and generate running system (Concrete Abstraction not Philosophical Abstraction ).
  2. Ability to work in teams .Communicate well / Write well in a team.
Interesting Conversation.

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