Tuesday, May 15, 2007

is your design environment friendly ??

Premier Farnell has a challenge for YOU!!

The challenge is simple - electronics engineers, academics and students around the world will have the opportunity to submit designs for something that will help to reduce or minimise environmental damage, for example by increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Whether a totally self-contained system or a component that makes up a larger product, the winning entry will then be supported by Premier Farnell from initial design towards production. Uniquely the designer will retain the intellectual property and ownership.

This is a design competition that goes way beyond the design.

In addition to the $50,000 cash prize for the winner Premier Farnell is offering a full support package valued at over $50,000 to assistwith taking this design beyond theory and concept towards production.(total value of US$100,000) Five other designs are also eligible forlive-edge Honorable Mentions and US$5,000 cash prizes.

More information @ live-edge.com

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